The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.

-Joseph Campbell

G’day and welcome to my website! I am Drew and my passion is to help you reconnect to your innate potential for vibrant health, clarity of mind, inner calm and peace, self-fulfillment, and true happiness. I call this process of reconnection “coming home to your Self”, a return to the essence and potential which you were born to experience as human being, but from which you most probably have moved away, maybe even far away, over time.

To help you on this journey home to your true nature I offer a number of services including bodywork, yoga instruction, nutritional education, and various workshops. I also share my own journey through articles and other insights. I invite you to explore what I have to offer and if it resonates with you, contact me, either through email, or phone, and make an appointment. I work (mostly) from my home which is located on the East side of the Plaza, near the Kauffman Memorial Flower Gardens.

We each are on a journey, “The Hero’s Journey” as Joseph Campbell called it. You are the hero in your own “story", that story being the events and places of your life. If you feel stuck, if you feel you are like a side-player in the story of your life, now is the time to start telling yourself a new story, and begin to live the life you want to live!


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